Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sisterhood of the travelling Curlers?!

Team Canada is in da’ house. I REPEAT: Team Canada is officially in Estonia! 

We have arrived safe and sound without losing any luggage, or better yet, any teammates.  It is truly amazing to think that we travelled halfway across the world in under 15 hours.  Surprisingly, all three of our flights were smooth and comfortable! First we flew from Edmonton to Calgary where we met up with the boy’s team and our team of 7 soon turned to 14! From Calgary, we flew 9 hours to Amsterdam, had a half hour layover and then flew 1.5 hours to Tallinn.

We got into Tallinn around 1pm.  Upon arrival, we checked into the hotel, showered, cleaned ourselves up and then began our first mission: staying awake until 9pm! 
(Easier said then done considering we had been awake since 6am the day before)
The ‘over-tired giggles’ began to sink in around 6pm, and we found ourselves laughing at anything remotely funny. It was a bit of a grind to say the least, but we knew it was a must in order to make our bodies adjust to the time change. Good thing we had the boys around to keep us entertained. 

Thus began our first adventure of this beautiful city. We walked around the touristy part of Tallinn called ‘Old Town.’  It was pretty cool to see the different historical buildings, cobblestone paths, castles, and restaurants.  Everything has so much character here!

Once we returned to the hotel, we signed our banners and got our pins organized to exchange with the other teams.  It’s possible that we were half asleep during the process.  The minute 9pm rolled around it was lights out!!

Time to get a solid 10 hour sleep and wake up refreshed:)

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